Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lisa Reinke, artist extraordinaire


Well, ever since I finally set up my blog, I've been flip-flopping more than John Kerry about what I should actually put up here. I've got a zillion ideas, but tend to be too orderly in my methods, which keeps me from just jumping right in.

So, I've decided to go against my usual "MO" and jump in anyway...

Hymn to the Masses by Lisa Reinke

Here's the first in a series of inspiring works by inspiring artists I've had the pleasure of knowing: meet Lisa Reinke, artist extraordinaire. I'm a huge fan of her work. I found this piece, entitled "Hymn to the Masses," posted on her new blog, and I hope she won't mind me including it here. After all, she was the very first artist to have a solo show in my non-profit gallery space, back in March of 2006, so it's only fitting that I begin the series with her.

Lisa's work is simple, bold and beautiful. Visit her blog and see for yourself!

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