Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Patricia Kaufman, master of energy and light


I've already posted one piece on an artist who inspires me, and I have plenty of others to include on that list. (That's one of the best things about running a local gallery: you get to meet so many wonderful and talented people!)

The wonderfully talented person I'm focusing on today is Patricia Kaufman. Her painting, "body of water" (below), actually hangs above the desk in my studio. (lucky me!) She surprised me with it one day—as a gift and a thank you—for opening and running the "first-gallery-ever" in our small New England mill town. I am honored to have it—and to have Patricia as a friend and neighbor, as well—and also, to be able to contemplate the truly amazing energy this painting evokes, each and every day.

Body of Water by Patricia Kaufman

One can almost meditate to Patricia's works, and feel the universal energy that flows from her mind's eye, through her brushes, and onto the canvas. (I often get goosebumps when I look at her paintings.)

Her work is special, and so is she. Patricia gives freely (both of herself, and her time) to many causes within our community, and children have always held a special place in her heart. Recently, she has made two separate pilgrimages to remote mountain villages in South America, bringing much needed school supplies to the children there. She's also offered special shows here, where 100% of profits from sales of selected pieces have gone to such causes. In return, she is inspired by the people she meets and the colorful cultures she experiences, and uses this imagery in her art to create an amazing body of work. Patricia's most recent collection of paintings and collages (to which I and two other friends were specially treated to a private sneak preview, before it was exhibited publically) can be found at the Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

Be sure to check out her work, and see what I mean when I say her paintings show an incredible mastery of capturing energy and light. They are both radiant and humble at the same time—very much like the artist herself.

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