Monday, May 11, 2009

High Flying Flags


New flutter flags signal LACA gallery events!
Even though it's situated on Main Street—in the heart of downtown Newmarket—my studio/gallery is located in the lower level of a huge mill building, below street level. Which, quite frankly, has proven to been a real challenge when trying to attract patrons to our frequent LACA events.

Recently, we purchased some royal blue "flutter flags" on 20 foot poles to post outside my shop windows. The flags are tall enough to see from the street above, stand out nicely against the red brick, and attract the eye with their motion, too. A smaller, matching "open" flag was also purchased, for posting at street level, near the Rivermoor Landing Condominium sign.

Because the tall flags will only be put out during events, people won't get overly accustomed to seeing them, day in and day out. So, hopefully, when they do notice the brightly colored flags, fluttering in the breeze, they'll know instantly that something is happening in the gallery at Ampers&.

Problem solved? We'll have to wait and see.... So far, LACA has used them for two events and gotten some good feedback. Keep your eye out for the flags on your next trip through town, and let us know when/if you notice them. Or, better still, let them compel you to stop on in and have a look around!

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