Monday, July 6, 2009

The Rather Difficult Font Game


The Rather Difficult Font Game
Okay, I'm "easing back into things" here at the studio after a much needed long weekend of fun visiting friends and family down on Long Island (in the sun, no less!) So I couldn't resist taking a stab at this game I came across this morning on one of my favorite blogs, I Love Typography, called "The Rather Difficult Font Game." (And hey, it's still work-related: I'm honing my type identification skills, right?!?)

Now, I've been a typophile since way back in Junior High, and used to think I knew a thing or two about type identification. But lately, with all the new foundaries emerging, and programs which let folks design and sell their own fonts, I'm not always quick to recognize a new font I come across, and I was starting to wonder whether or not I was still as "up on things" as I used to be.... Well, I'm happy to report that I've still got it. (Check out the Rather Impressive Hall of Fame top scorer, above—it's me! :) There were only two fonts I missed (aarrgghh!). I only played one round, and it says the fonts change each time you play, but I figured, why mess with success? I'm in the number one spot (for now anyway), so I'll leave it alone.

The game is "rather fun" though (fun for type lovers anyway). Give it a try
here. Then, get back to work!