Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer in the City


LA Palms
I've just returned from a long weekend in Los Angeles, CA, which is, pretty much, located on the exact opposite corner of the US from where I live (and similarly, is an exact opposite to the type of place I call home, here in New Hampshire).

Despite claims by folks we chatted with, that "they were everywhere," I didn't see a single celebrity all weekend. (Of course, I'm not much of a "star gazer" anyway, so it is entirely possible that I could have bumped right into one without having any idea who they were! :) And, admittedly, we didn't actually spend any time in Hollywood itself—nor did we go anywhere near Burbank….

This was my first visit to LA (other than passing thru LAX on journeys elsewhere). My SO had business to attend to the first two days, so I mostly relaxed poolside at our hotel (or hid away in a spare office in Century City) and caught up on some reading. When the work day was done, we drank Mai Tai's at Trader Vic's and enjoyed a delicious meal at Wolfgang Puck's at LA Live one evening, then dined on sushi and took in breathtaking views of the city from the famous Yamashiro Restaurant, perched high in the Hollywood Hills, the next. We took a spin down Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard, then left Beverly Hills to head down the Pacific Coast Highway to Manhattan Beach. Checked out Harbor Boulevard and the pier, then ventured further down to Redondo Beach, where we sat oceanside at Joe's Crab Shack for some fresh shellfood and cold beers after strolling the ocean walk. We were just in time for an outdoor concert on the boardwalk (featuring Open Wide, an "all-dentist band"), followed by a gorgeous pacific sunset.

It was one of those whirlwind trips, and just as I was getting used to West Coast time, we were flying back east, only to confuse my internal clock all over again. All in all, we had a wonderful time on our brief tour of LA, and I'd love to return some day to see more of what the City of Angels has to offer.

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